Where Can You Buy Magic Mushrooms Legally?

Magic Mushrooms are one of the most popular psychedelics around the world. They are known to be the least addictive and have a very low potential for abuse. They also deliver a range of therapeutic effects. Considering the attributes, it is hard to believe that they are still illegal for use in most countries. Rather than questioning why it is better to learn how you can try this substance without any negative consequences. Here is some insight into the legality of magic mushrooms in Canada. Read on to find out where you can buy magic mushrooms legally and safely.

Getting Magic Mushrooms Legally in Canada

According to the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act in Canada, psilocybin is classified as a Schedule III drug. This means the sale of shrooms can be a crime though possession is not illegal. However, those who want to give the drug a try can buy magic mushrooms through dispensaries located across the country. The government has no plans to take down these availabilities. There are many online dispensaries that let customers order different products made out of psychedelic mushrooms. You can buy pills or dry mushrooms in packs ranging from 10 to 100 mg. These online sources provide high-quality psychedelics that you can use to microdose with shrooms for desired results. These dispensaries require that you provide proof of a medical condition that magic mushrooms can benefit. It can be anxiety related to conditions like cancer, depression, PTSD or any other mental health illness that shrooms have the potential to treat. Microdoses are shipped across Canada.

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Source: Canada Shrooms

Many offline stores and dispensaries also let users buy psychedelic mushrooms to benefit from their therapeutic effects. These dispensaries abide by local laws and make sure they are sold for personal use only. The clinical benefits, non-addictive nature and other attributes of magic mushrooms ensure these ventures stay safe. With the decriminalization of shrooms, categorizing psilocybin as a Schedule I drug, Canada is on the verge of bringing major changes to the way this drug is treated and used. Though shrooms are currently not legalized in Canada, Section 56 of the law allows exemptions. Applying for the exemption requires approval for the patient to by magic mushrooms from these dispensaries. After the clinical trials of Phase 3 that just began in the country, psychedelics will be more widely available.

The model of legalization for shrooms is following the model of cannabis in Canada. This demands the proof of medical importance of a herb before deciding its legal status. A similar shift to cannabis is seen for psychedelics in public perception. The recent push from scientists, supporters and researchers for further studies is also likely to change the way it is made available. These professionals have already declared that microdosing of shrooms is highly therapeutic and the effects are not dangerous. The aim is to convince legal and medical authorities to view this drug differently than the stigma associated with its recreational use. New and new online dispensaries emerge every day offering psilocybin mushrooms across Canada for medical uses, allowing users to buy and use them safely and legally.