Advantages of Online Dispensaries in Canada

Legal of Cannabis
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There was a time when people in Canada had to wait for days or even weeks to have weed shipped to them by a mail order business. Others had to travel several miles to get their hands of their favorite strains to feel better from a condition of depression, anxiety, loss of appetite or unbearable pain. Many times, it was hard to tell the differences between the fraudsters and scammers who took advantage of people’s vulnerability and ignorance. Thankfully, the new wave of the Online Dispensary in Canada promises to put an end to that and give this industry a fresh lease of life.

With the legalization of medical and recreational use of marijuana in Canada, it has become much easier for people to acquire weed. While the physical stores are still rampant today and you can find a good stock of your favorite strains, buds, wax, shatter, etc, people are now preferring the websites over brick and mortar stores. Well, there are several restrictions on the physical stores that are responsible for the boom in the industry of online cannabis sites. Before we get into the various advantages of getting your weed online, let’s take a look at the reasons why people feel it’s better than traditional stores.

To start with, any person who wishes to acquire cannabis for recreational purposes or medical use will need to travel to the brick and mortar store in order to get them. If the person has an acute disease or is terribly sick, he or she may find it hard to travel to a traditional store. Also, the caregiver may not be in a position to leave the patient at home and go to the store. Another restriction comes in the form of fear of being seen by someone when walking out of the cannabis dispensary. Discomfort of dealing with the sales staff is yet another issue that deters people from going to a traditional store.

5 Ways In Which Online Dispensaries Are Better Than Traditional Stores in Canada

As cannabis became legal in Canada, more online dispensaries were set up to help people make the most of this new era. If you look at the number of marijuana sites set up recently, you will get an idea of how this industry is blooming in Canada. People are leaving no stone unturned to make strains, edibles, and weed easily available to users. Below, we have put together some of the ways in which we think that online dispensaries are much better than the traditional sites.

  1. Varieties and Options

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It has been seen that traditional stores often do not have adequate stock or varieties available. Hence, a person may be required to travel from one store to another to find a particular brand or strain, making it a stressful experience. Add fuel price to that and you are sure to feel miserable. When you are shopping on the Internet, you are not tied to a specific website, plus it doesn’t cost you a thing to hop from one site to another.

In general, online dispensaries usually have a more extensive collection and catalogs. You can find a wide variety of oils, vapes, edibles, concentrates, and so on. As they do not have any fixed overhead costs such as store rent, staff salaries, maintenance cost, etc, they are able to spend more money and time at providing a wider range of products.

  1. Stay Calm

It’s true that marijuana is legal for both recreational and medical use, however many people still don’t feel comfortable talking about their issues. Going to a traditional store and interacting with the salespeople and answering their questions can trigger anxiety in those who are unwell. Fortunately, you can now spare yourself that trouble and simply get your weed online without having to interact with anyone, unless you choose to talk to the online customer care representatives.

The online dispensaries allow people to visit the sites at any time as per their comfort and spend as much time they want without being pushed into placing an order. There is no human interaction so there’s no need to feel anxious or judged. You may choose to leave a site without ordering anything and no one will ask a question. On the other hand, you may spend as much time as you like reading customer reviews, product details, and so on.

  1. Unprecedented Convenience

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Just like any shopping experience on the Internet, online dispensaries also allow you to look at the products and read their details from the comfort of your home. Unlike a traditional store, there are no store opening and closing times, hence you can pay a visit at any time, even at midnight if you feel like and place your order with ease.

You are spared the horror of having to deal with the traffic on the road and the pain of traveling when you already have a medical condition. For patients who have restricted mobility and have caregivers to look after them, the caregivers can place an order on their behalf.

  1. Discrete Shipping

If you don’t want your prying neighbors to know that you are using marijuana for medical or recreational purposes, so be it. You don’t have to risk being seen entering or walking out of a cannabis store in Canada. With the cannabis sites, you can place the order from your home and have it delivered right at your doorstep.

The products are so well packaged that no one can tell what is inside a parcel. Furthermore, the delivery man will not leave your parcel with anybody else except you. Thus, your secret remains a secret and your neighbors will never know.

  1. Competitive Pricing

Similar to other Internet businesses, marijuana sites in Canada are also able to provide competitive prices to their users. Less cost does not mean that they compromise with quality. It’s just that the sites do not have cost of rent, salaries, or furniture, so they are able to distribute a portion of their savings by lowering the cost of the products. This also works as a great marketing strategy to encourage Canadians to get more products from the online dispensaries available in their country.

Everything You Need to Know About the Workings of Weed Vaporizers

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As the wave of cannabis legalization is spreading through the United States, more and more people are considering their options to consume their weed. Smoking marijuana through joints and bongs has always remained a traditional method that most users still prefer. However, modern-day research and studies indicate that inhaling weed through a vaporizer is safer. The market is filled with a wide variety of advanced vaporizers that let you inhale the vapor but don’t heat up the herb so much as to create smoke. This means the vapor you inhale is not so harsh on your throat and lungs as compared to smoking. Focusing on this fact, a number of manufacturers are introducing vaporizers built on modern technology to provide exciting features that make your weed experience more enjoyable and convenient.

What are Weed Vaporizers?

A device that heats up concentrates or herbs, weed vaporizers are available in different styles to suit your preferences and requirements. You can find portable as well as desktop vaporizers that function on one of the two types of heating mechanisms to activate the cannabinoids from the material and transform it into vapor. According to research, weed combusts at about 394 degrees Fahrenheit and the sweet spot can be attained at 338 degrees. Vaporizers heat the herb at a lower temperature to avoid any combustion and do not generate any smoke or tar.

Anatomy of a Vaporizer

You can find a wide variety of vaporizers in the market but they all have almost similar construction with a few essential components.

Battery – A vape cannot function without an energy source. Batteries can be either removable or fixed. Portable vaporizers come with rechargeable batteries and their charge times can vary from one model to another.

Chamber – This component of the vaporizer is where the herb gets heated up. It is also called ‘oven’ and most vaporizers use heating coils. While heat times vary for different devices, most chambers take about 1 minute to reach the ideal vaporization temperature. Some devices even allow controlling this temperature to customize the experience.

Mouthpiece – This is the component that transfers the vapor from the chamber to your mouth. Desktop vaporizers offer tubes or balloons while portable ones let you draw the vapor directly. Mouthpieces come in various sizes and shapes and can be made of metal, plastic and glass.

Conduction Vs Convection

Vaporizers use either conduction or convection to heat up the plant matter and extract the cannabinoids. Conduction involves direct contact of the weed with the heating surface. This surface is usually made up of metal on which the herb is placed. When the plate reaches the right temperature, the herb starts vaporizing. It then passes through the chamber to produce delicious, flavorful vapor. Conduction is not a great choice as the herb can burn in the process and adjusting the temperature is also tricky.

Convection, on the other hand, involves introducing hot air above the herb instead of contact with the surface. When the air reaches the ideal temperature, it passes to the chamber holding the weed. This heat converts the cannabinoids into vapor which can be inhaled. These heating elements are made out of stainless steel or ceramic. This method is more effective as the heat reaches all the material at the same time. Vaporizers that use convection are somewhat more expensive as compared to the other type.

How is Vaporizing Different from Smoking?

Weed vaporizers heat up the herb without combusting it. When you smoke it through a joint, your herb is burnt because of the high temperature created. Cannabinoids are known to start vaporizing at only 222 degrees. Vaporization delivers a clean and safe experience, giving you a great feel of the taste and aroma of the strain. Moreover, vaporization does not expose the user to toxic chemicals or smoke as created in smoking. There is no difference in the high produced from the two methods.

Marijuana smoking is certainly an amazing experience but produces a large number of chemicals not created during vaporization. Many of these chemicals are potentially dangerous for health. When you smoke from a joint, you inhale a lot of compounds produced through combustion and all of them might not be beneficial. Moreover, there is so much tar and smoke that are not good for the lungs.